Take Action:   Save Alamedas Working Waterfront

Plans were  unveiled  in November 2015 By Pacific Shops, Inc. and Bay West Development company at both a tenants meeting and a community meeting to raze the Alameda Marina and replace all the existing buildings with 394 units of housing.

Businesses that do not fit in with the development plans would be evicted, causing the loss of over 225 jobs.   The current retail store,  Svendsens chandlery would be eliminated.  Svendsons Boat Works,  Metal Shop,  Rigging Shop and Marine Distributorship are currently  one of the largest sales tax-revenue sources for the City of Alameda.  The two sailmakers, the print shop, the Aikido studio, the golf shop, Doer Marine (they make research submarines)  all would be evicted.

Plans presented to the community  show no room for the existing boatyard, which is critical to the Bay Area boating community and provides jobs.  No parking was shown.  No dry storage for boats is shown in the plans, which would displace 280+ boat owners.

No realistic provisions for increased traffic congestion were presented.  The Park Street Bridge is expected to see thousands of additional daily car trips.   Neighborhood traffic between the redeveloped marina and Buena Vista Avenue will drastically increase.

Is this what we want for Alameda?

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